Q: How many images do we get?

A: about 300-400 on average but it can be 700 plus depending on whats going on throughout the day.

Q: Are the high res files included?

A: Yes, low res are only good for sharing digitally and small prints. You'll get both low res and high resolution images.

Q: Are all the images edited?

A: Yes, Yes, Yes, I want all of your images to look their best so I definitely edit and colour correct them all. 

Q: How long until we get our images after the wedding?


Q: What if you're ill on the day?



Q: What if the card in the camera is corrupt or your computer crashes will I lose my images?


Q: Who picks the album images?



Q: How much is the deposit?


Q: Do you have a question thats not answered here? 

A: I promise all images two weeks after the wedding. How? I'm a full time wedding photographer so I have time to edit them with my full attention even in the busy seasons.

A: Obviously photographing a wedding day is a massive deal to me and calling in "sick" is not an option. If for circumstances beyond my control i'm physically not able to make it (hospital or dead). I have a network of amazing photographers who would be willing to step in last minute. It hasn't happened yet but rest assured your wedding will be photographed.

A: Not going to happen and here's why. I have two cards in my camera at all times recording images to both. When I return home I back up the images on to two separate hard drives and then onto a third hard drive which gets taken out of the house and stored somewhere safe. When the images have been edited and uploaded to an online gallery I then format the original cards. So essentially the night of the wedding I have 5 backups of the images with one being off site. Trust me, i'm more paranoid about your images than you are. 

A: I create a pre design telling your story of the day through my eyes and using simple online proofing software you  simply make as many changes as you like. It's important to me that we get the album exactly as you want it and thats why I don't have a limit to the changes that are made.


A: To secure the date a non refundable amount of £250 is required.


A: email Joseph@josephdartphotography.com for an answer.