Wedding numbers are on the increase again

It is a sad indictment of the world we live in today that the economy can have such an influence on when we choose to get married, but it would seem that only now that the ‘feelgood factor’ is back after climbing out of the 2009 recession, wedding numbers are back on the rise. However, the truth of the matter is that we only aim to get married once and we want that day to be as special as possible. The venue, the reception, the food, the bar, the entertainment, the flowers, the dress and, of course, the photographer all cost money, though it is a shame that only the dress and the photographs are all that will usually remain long after the big day has come and gone.

It is because the photographs are such an important part of the day and the source of visual reminders of your special day for years to come, that it literally pays to have them taken professionally. With myself, Joseph Dart, not only are you guaranteed images of the very finest quality, but you are also guaranteed a phenomenal range of images from which to choose the very best.

If I have come across one principal concern when being asked to be the official wedding photographer, it is that I don’t get in the way of the actual event itself. It is a very valid and genuine concern, and one which I am more than happy to reassure anyone about. It is curious how, after having been in attendance at so many weddings it becomes almost second nature to blend into the background wherever possible. The greatest compliment I can be paid is when I am told that after five minutes the bride and groom had forgotten that I was there and that they were able to relax and be themselves from then on.

As a specialist wedding photographer in Swindon what excites me the most is that no two weddings are the same – and yes, I know that sounds like an obvious statement! However, what I mean to say is that there is no formula that I stick to, and that my aim is to capture as many of the natural moments of your special day. I am not one who keeps ushering people into groups and then demand they all smile for the camera. From my website here you will see examples of my photography and I hope you will agree that some of the very best images come from a captured moment as opposed to a staged setting.

Of course what I do appreciate is that I am a virtual stranger being invited to share in the most special day of your life, so it is important we get to know a bit about each other beforehand. This helps me get a good feel for the style of imagery you will be looking for, and it also gives you a chance to get to know me better as well. As a result, it would be great if you gave me a call and we arranged to have an informal meeting to have an initial discussion about recording the events on your wedding day.